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Farming isn’t easy, with long hours and a large investment required just to make it through harvest. Farmers must also choose between buying used pieces of equipment from an acquaintance or brand new machinery from a trusted dealership. Here are just a few of the reasons why brand new equipment makes running your business easier.

New Equipment Costs Less (No, Really!)

Farm equipment isn’t cheap, with the average row-crop tractor costing farmers between $100,000-$300,000. However, we’d argue that farmers who choose to buy used equipment to save on costs are making a mistake because used equipment is much more likely to breakdown and to require expensive repairs. These repairs mean you spend less time working your acres and can badly damage your harvest revenue.

Brand new farm equipment is far less likely to breakdown on the job, with most malfunctions covered under the manufacturer warranty. At Banga’s Equipment, all of our new machinery comes with a one-year factory warranty, regardless of brand.

Farmers can also apply for tax benefits related to new equipment and can write-off large portions of new purchases. New equipment may cost a little more upfront, but it will work harder and longer than any used machinery.

New Equipment Is More Effective

New farm equipment costs less than used equipment, but it also contains the latest tools and software to maximize your crop growth. Farm supply companies across the world are doing their best to integrate software into tractor engines as well as making them more energy efficient. Spreaders and fertilizers, such as those by Amazone, now offer more control of how fast and how wide seeds are distributed, allowing you to work on different fields without having to stop and change settings like you would with old spreaders.

GPS systems in tractors are also being introduced into the market, allowing vehicles to drive autonomously within a set area. These systems, combined with new hybrid engines, won’t just save you more, they’ll make you more.

The amount of food that people eat per day is expected to rapidly increase in the next few decades—and that creates a big opportunity for Canadian farmers. Give Banga’s Equipment a call today at 403-223-5969 or check us out online for our wide selection of cutting-edge farming supplies.